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The Traveling Camera 35mm

In a post I saw while browsing Instagram recently; I saw someone talk about finding a book on the street and saying something like "After reading this book, leave it somewhere else so that others can read it". I liked the idea very much, and not long after, I came across an article about the 'travelling camera'. I have not seen anyone from Turkey or a Turk participating in such a work. Apart from this, I have not come across a similar work in Turkey.


I decided to send my "xxx" film camera to someone I know or want to take part in this project, to shoot a roll film and then send the camera to someone else who wants to participate in this project.

All I ask is that you send me the photos you took and tell me something or a story about the photos.

Travel route of 35mm travel camera:

It will be updated according to participation….


  • The camera should be carefully packaged and shipped as it came to you. like wrapping the camera in bubble wrap and then putting it in a box and wrapping it in bubble wrap again.

  • You only have to pay the shipping fee once, when you send the camera to the next person. Don't be stingy in the shipping process, we don't want it to be lost.  :)

  • Please indicate that the package contents have no value so that the next person does not pay customs duty when shipping the camera.

  • Only 1 roll of film can be shot with the camera.

  • You have only 1 week to take the photos.

  • You have to inform me when the camera reaches you and send it to the other person.

  • I will make the final decision to whom the camera goes to later.

  • If the camera is truly inoperable, I want it returned to me, until then it will continue its journey. Let's see how many kilometers he can travel!  :)

If you have a friend who would like to take part in this project or live in different lands and would like to participate, contact me via the website and let me know. :)

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